Enjoy books by Dr. Cynthia A. Bond Hopson: educator, mentor, best-selling author and Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) of Touched By Grace Ministry. Find out why audiences say listening to her is like having a conversation with your favorite girlfriend—she’s wise, witty and just a little wacky—and altogether wonderful!


The Women of Haywood

Dr. Hopson’s newest offering is The Women of Haywood, which beautifully chronicles the lives of four amazing women in Haywood County, Tennessee; home of Delta blues, Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits, tall cotton, and a history so rich you will long for a front porch swing, icy lemonade and an endless afternoon to hear their powerful stories of sacrifice, faith, family, empowerment and great expectations. Susie Ella Taylor Ashworth, Nola Walker Bond, Mayme Dell Rives Bowles Dotson and Eva James Davis Rawls poignantly show us what extraordinary looks and feels like!…more


31 is Thirty Wonderful

Dr. Hopson’s newest offering is Thirtywonderful, A Prayer and Reflection Journal/Journey for Triumphant Women. In an easy-to-use booklet format, she invites busy women to take 31 minutes for 31 days to hear and discern God’s will for their lives…more


I Do…Every Day

Cynthia Bond Hopson is on a mission to help newlyweds and not-so-newlyweds revitalize marriage as the treasure God intended. In each of the thirty-one reflections in With this Ring, Hopson offers straight talk, asks questions that may cause a little blushing (don’t worry, nothing X-rated), and tells stories that will touch readers where they live, inspiring them to be equal partners, friends, and lovers. It is for anyone who has ever said “I do,” “I will,” or “I messed up.” …more

 Bad Hair Days, Rainy Days and Mondays

Bad Hair Days, Rainy Days, and Mondays offers a month’s worth of wisdom, advice, and encouragement for women. Written in a style that is conversational, humorous, and appealing, each reading consists of a quotation, a Scripture reading, the meditation itself, and a closing prayer. …more


Too Many Irons in the Fire

“If life gives you lemons, squeeze the lil’ suckers and let ’em know who’s boss.”

-Cynthia Bond Hopson

Do you need a friend? Meet Cynthia Bond Hopson. She’s walked in your shoes and has the bunions to prove it. Her life hasn’t always been easy, but she is dealing with it, praying about it, and laughing at it….more


Times of Challenge and Controversy

In 1960-1961, voter registration revolutionized the people and politics of Haywood County, Tennessee. In Haywood County, as in much of the nation during the Civil Rights movement, issues such as voter registration and desegregation ignited a firestorm of political and social change…more